Saturday, 27 October 2012

Animal Welfare through Homoeopathy

Homeopathy has been used in animal for almost 200 years.  Homeopathy was discovered and developed in Germany and today India is leader in Homeopathy.  Homoeopathic medicines for animals / birds are widely used in Gujarat and other parts of India.  Many products are used in Gujarat based NGOs, Vet doctors in Dairy sector, Government Vets, private sector and in many cases by farmers themselves.

All types of animals respond to homoeopathic medicines, from pets to farm animals, birds to fish, horses to wild animals.  Organic farmers rely upon it as an effective, safe and affordable medicine which does not give rise to drug residue in meat, milk or eggs.  Conventional farmers also make use of its benefits, especially dairy animals.

Homeopathy has shown excellent result in poultry, dairy animals, aquaculture, horses and pets.  It has gained popularity among organic farmers in dairy farming as European Union encourages and has apporved use of Homeopathy in organic dairy herd and food producing animals like pigs, poultry birds, Emu farming etc.

Alfashakti Tonic of Sintex Indternational Ltd., offers advantage of improving immunity, improving appetite as well as helps in responding to various productivity problems and other health ailments due to extreme climate and sudden climatic changes.  Alfashakti promotes weight gain, improves assimilation and increases stamina.  In birds it improves tint of egg, improves strength of egg shells and builds up natural resistance against viral disease.

Other useful homoeopathic treatment of Emu birds:

1.  All kinds of wounds management to prevent infection and promote faster healing
2.  Healwell Flueheal pills for symptoms like flu, sneezing, cough, raised body temperature
3. Healwell Wormklin Drops for all kinds of worms
4. Healwell B-klin Syrup for chronic skin disease.  Works as blood purifier internally to aid improvement of skin condition.

Popularity of Homeopathy is increasing in treatment of small & large animals due to its easy drug delivery & compliance, affordability as well drug residue free animal food products (organic food).

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