Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Natural therapies more effective

Natural Therapies may be more effective & Less expensive than conventional medicines

Don’t you agree that  conventional medicine should be called 'alternative' because holistic therapies work so well and, in most cases, should be tried first.  To be sure, a natural approach is usually the best way to go with chronic issues.  In most cases, natural therapy like Homoeopathy work as well as and usually much better than traditional drugs even in acute illnesses as well minor emergencies. The long-term costs as well as the benefits to your pet's health and longevity also make holistic Homoeopathic treatments more cost effective. Innumerable cases of Distemper infection in Dogs have been saved from death through gentle healing potential of homoeopathy. Joy on the faces of gratified friends can’t be expressed in words whose Pets are saved from this infection with high mortality.
Holistic Homoeopathic treatments work with your pets' bodies, making them into stronger, wiser and healthier bodies that are better able to stay healthy and protect against disease.  Conventional medications usually mask the symptoms and drugs causes various unwanted sie effects.  Pet owners find that they are back at their veterinarian's office over and over again to treat the same problem when conventional drugs are used. I don’t deny role of conventional medicine in Pet care as life saver or managing many infectious diseases however, if simple natural remedies are able to manage the problem in gentle & effective manner why should we ignore it.

I know many Pet lovers who are happy using homoeopathy and wish to maintain homoeopathy as first line of therapy. Often it is pleasant surprised to have substantial friends and acquaintances - who keep dairy animals at their farm - when they call me for homoeopathic assistance in managing ailments like mastitis, skin ailments, diarrhoea, injuries & non healing ulcers; arthritis & lameness, tympani, aggression, fear, etc. of their farm animals.

Shivang Swaminarayan is qualified homoeopath & has hands on research experience of more than 15 years in  animal health through Homoeopathy & clinical Family Physician of more than 2 decades.